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SCAR SYMMETRY was formed in 2004 when Jonas Kjellgren (Carnal Forge, Centinex, World Below), Henrik Ohlsson (Theory In Practice, Mutant, Altered Aeon), Per Nilsson (Altered Aeon), Christian Älvestam (Unmoored, Incapacity, Torchbearer) and Kenneth Seil decided to put together a brand new constellation that would express a fresh and heavy form of catchy death metal without any boundaries whatsoever.

The band wanted to incorporate huge synthesizers into the music, along with blazing virtuoso guitar soloing, which would all be backed up with complex but catchy rhythms and every style of singing known to metal in general.

In April 2004 SCAR SYMMETRY recorded a demo of the song "Seeds of Rebellion", which caught the interest of Cold Records, and very soon a recording contract was inked. A period of intense songwriting followed.
In July the same year SCAR SYMMETRY entered the Black Lounge studio (Centinex, Incapacity) to start the recording of the debut album "Symmetric in Design", an album that would showcase 12 songs of excellent musicianship and outstanding songwriting. After 3 months in the studio the album was finally finished and scheduled for a February 2005 release.

Songs like "Veil Of Illusions" and "2012, The Demise Of The 5th Sun" display an incredibly heavy side of the band, while "Chaosweaver" and "Dominion" bring forth a considerably higher tempo without losing any of the intricate harmony structures. The lyrics delve deep into the human subconscious, attempting to resurrect imagination and awe in the listener, which is also reflected in the brilliant album artwork designed by Pär Johansson (pjillustrations).

When signing to Nuclear Blast and releasing their much anticipated new record “Pitch Black Progress” in 2006, the band had evolved so much and reached higher spheres – in the media as well as in the metal community. From then on everyone was convinced SCAR SYMMETRY is more than just another metal band.

Enter 2008, the second album, “Holographic Universe”, for the long running German label took the band not only a few more steps up. It crushed into the German Media Control Charts at position #68 in its first week of sale! What a tremendous success! Shortly after this fantastic achievement, the band parted ways with their singer Christian Älvestam – a shock to many but SCAR SYMMETRY knew the deal when replacing him with Roberth Karlsson  & Lars Palmqvist for harsh and clean vocals.

Roberth and Lars did an amazing job on “Dark Matter Dimensions” – the first album without Christian. The growls are even more brutal, the clear vocals even more emotional and moving and the music sticks to what you know from SCAR SYMMETRY, yet mastermind Jonas Kjellgren managed to push his boys into a slightly more progressive direction without losing their punching death metal approach!

SCAR SYMMETRY released a new album and successor highly acclaimed masterpiece “The Unseen Empire” in fall 2011.

Scar Symmetry's 6th studio album ”The Singularity (Phase I – Neohumanity)” saw daylight in 2014 and it is the first part of an album trilogy.

The long awaited 2nd part of the trilogy "The Singularity (Phase II - Xenotaph)" will be released in the near future pushing the whole band in a new start. 

Scar Symmetry is now stronger than ever and after a brief semihiatus ready to take over the post-pandemic world!



Per Nilsson - guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals

Stephen Platt - guitar, vocals

Lars Palmqvist - vocals

Roberth Karlsson - vocals

Lawrence Dinamarca - drums

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